Gezel Integrated Development Environment, Toad

Toad is a graphical development environment for the Gezel language. The distribution contains its own implementation of the simulation tool as well as a set of other tools used for code generation. The back-end tools used by Toad targets version 1.7 of the Gezel language so any features new to the official 2.0 release are not supported.


The major features of the Toad distribution are:

File editing and handling:
The ability to open, create and edit Gezel source files. Syntax highlighting and on-the-fly error detection is supported.

The ability to simulate an open Gezel model.

Code generation:
The program can generate VHDL code equivalent to a given Gezel model for later deployment in an FPGA for example.

Gezel/Microblaze co-simulation:
The tool allows you to simulate a Gezel model as if it were mounted on the bus of a simple Microblaze platform as an IPIF component.

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